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- Office Interior Design

- Colour and Fabric Consultations
- GIB & Glass Walls
- Paint & GIB Stopping
- Office Furniture Fit-Outs
- Space Planning
- Reception Seating & Fit-Out
- Operable / Movable Wall Partitions

​- Repair - Re-Fabric your existing              Screens

We offer a wide range of full-scope, interior design, Office and Commercial Renovations services that can be customized to meet your needs.

Our team works directly with your team to come to the best solution for your Office, Business, or Commercial needs.

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We at Screens Direct, Our Main Business is to make office Partitions which included various designs, colours.Call us today 0800 24 24 77

If you're looking to add on a room to your office or want to redesign, our designers and space planners are here to help you every step of the way.

We offer a Free service for your Office Layout and Colour consultation for each Project we undertake. 

​Call us today to Start at 0800 24 24 77

Design & Layout

From concept to completion, every step of a project is handled by our team of expert consultants, construction crew, and interior designers.

Please call us at 0800 24 24 77 for your Office Renovations & Wall Partitions. We are very Competitive and Quick in achieving your set goals. Be it a Price, Time , Quality or Special Design and lay out.

Office Renovations & Wall Partitions


We offer honest and reliable Quotes & Services. 


Whether it’s our quick, quality, friendly service or the honesty and value we bring to every interaction, our customers love us.


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  • Timely & Quality Products & Services
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  • Try Our Best to Achieve what you desire from us
  • Affordable, Quality and Cheaper then Others

- Office Screens & Partitions

- Desk Partitions
- Acoustic Walls & Partitions
- Office Renovations
- Construction Planning 
- Metal Stud Walls 
- Office Wall Partitions   
- Office Glass Wall Partitions
- Site Layout and Design Service

- Glass Frosting and Privacy Films